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The Cameron Mustang P61 is a full-size P51 G Mustang

Here are some facts about this plane:

  • It is a Full size P-51G Mustang - The ultimate sport aircraft or air racer! 


  • With this turbine powered aircraft capable of speeds in the mid 400 mph range, you can comfortable take a long cross country trip, or enjoy a day of sport flying and aerobatics.


  • Our composite kit is the cutting edge of technology, with 85% of our parts cured in an autoclave.


  • This plane has the smallest part count of any airplane in the world and can be assembled in a fraction of the time versus any other kits on the market today. 


  • The graphite used is the same material used in the F22, V22, and Boeing 777 tail group. 


  • This airplane was produced out of 4.5 million dollars worth of graphite and steel tooling.  


  • Be the envy of every pilot, no matter which airport you land at!


    Our P-51G Mustang made its flying debut at Oshkosh '98. It is ready for immediate production.  This is not a one of a kind hand built prototype.


    Cameron Aircraft has completed eight sets of autoclave cured parts for future airplane production.  We are capable of producing 10 to 12 sets of aircraft parts per year.  The sport version is a 1450 hp turbine aircraft with full feathering and reversing capability and a speed in the mid 400 mph range. 


    Cockpit features include: complete dual controls, your choice of custom seats and control grips, air conditioning, large baggage compartment, and a tilt canopy for easy access into the rear seat. Options include: a P51D canopy, extended wing tips and an entertainment system.


    cameronaircraft.com Team51 Specs


    A very quiet cockpit with propeller speed at cruise is only 1200 RPM.

    A sophisticated environmental control system is included, which provides electric heat, defrost and air conditioning (we have a 290 amp alternator as standard equipment). Range is more than 1200 miles with standard fuel tanks (250 US Gal.) and greater than 2000 miles with aux fuel (450 US Gal.).

    This full size airplane can also accommodate a Rolls Merlin or Allison V-1710 and is capable of obtaining the world's prop driven speed record. 

    The Cameron Mustang is a culmination, and the fastest of all 11 P-51 Mustang variants. The original P-51 Mustang is built in 24,000 parts. Our Mustang is built with 12 major components and can be assembled in one month.



    Model Specs and Performance

    P-51G Mustang
    Group Code:
    Landing Gear:
    Seats / Configuration:
    2 seat tandem
    Construction Material:
    Composite: autoclave graphite
    Standard Engine:
    Lycoming Turbine T531,7014(as illustrated)
    Hamilton Standard
    Best Speed:
    Cruise Speed:
    Stall (or Min.) Speed @ gross w/ full flaps:
    Data pending; high speed in flight testing
    Service Ceiling:
    30,000+ ft
    Takeoff Distance:
    1250 ft
    Landing Distance:
    1750 ft
    Rate of Climb (gross):
    4200 fpm
    Maximum Range:
    1250 sin (standard tank) 2250 sm (with aux tank)
    Empty Weight:
    4500 lb.
    Empty Weight:
    4500 lb.
    Gross Weight:
    8000 lb.
    Useful Load:
    1250 lb.
    Fuel Capacity:
    250 US gal
    Cabin Width:
    34 inch
    Overall Length:
    36 ft
    10 ft 9 inch
    37 ft
    Wing Area:
    233 sq ft
    Wing Loading:
    26.8 lbs/sq ft
    Ultimate "G" Loading:
    +8, 8
    Kit Cost (US$):
    150,000 (USD$)
    Factory built
    (painted & flying):
    475,000 (USD$)

    Company Information

    Cameron Aircraft
    Information Package
    and/or Video:
    Information is free, when you call, tell us you found us this web page
    P5IG Mustang
    Available For Sale as:
    Kit or Completed Flying Aircraft

    Note: Specifications given are from factory production aircraft.

    All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. 

    Performance data given are approximate.




    Team 51 History Team 51 Specs Team 51 Prototype Team 51 Plane pics Team 51 Progress Pics Team 51 Diagrams

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