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Resin Infusion Process Miss Spokane Photos

Resin Infusion Process


The Resin Infusion process is explained below 

using a Vintage Class C Shovel Nose Hydroplane 

On Saturday March 16, 2013, a class was held for students from NIC (North Idaho College), Air Washington, Burt Rutan and 30 other interested people to demonstrate the resin infusion process.  They used a vintage Class C shovel nose hydroplane for the mold.

The class was set up like a cooking show.

The top deck mold was ready to place all the materials down layer by layer to show everyone how it goes together.  The same process was done on the bottom of the hull except they did not use foam to reinforce the top deck like was done on the bottom.

Once all that was down, the demonstration moved over to the bottom mold which already had the vacuum bag on and pump ready.  They showed how to pour the mixed resin into the bucket and unclamp the lines.

The infusion process took approximately 25-27 minutes and used 6-7 gallons of resin.

Once the resin reached everywhere, they clamped off the feed lines to stop the flow and kept the part under pressure for another 6-8 hours until the it was cured.

The part can be removed from the mold in 36-48 hours.


Laying fiberglass material on top deck mold

(using Santex unidirectional (0 +45 - 45) fiberglass)



Laying fiberglass material over graphite stiffeners



Placing the last layer of fiberglass on top deck mold



List of materials used



Bottom hull mold



Santex unidirectional (0 +45 - 45) fiberglass

3/4 in Rochelle 51IG foam 



Resin catch pot keeps extra resin from being sucked into vacuum pump



Bottom hull mold with all material placed inside

(AIRTECH Greenflow and Bagging Film)

Resin feed lines installed and bag placed over everything



pouring mixed resin into the holding bucket

(Richhold 33375 Infusion Resin)



Feed lines are unclamped at exactly 11:00



Resin starting to flow into part



2 minute mark



5 minute mark



10 minute mark



Close up of spiral tube that releases the resin



14 minute mark

Just a couple spots on the sponsons and transom left

(Holding the paper is Mike Mires: Dean of Professional, Technical Education)



20 minute mark

Front half of part is done

Front feed line is clamped off



25 minute mark

Resin is near top of transom

Almost there!

Some People in photo:

Blue coat behind clock - Dave Bond - Composite Instructor - Air Washington

Far right black coat - Rod Taylor - Associated Dean - Technical Education - Air Washington

In front of Rod Taylor - Kassie Silvas - Director of Aerospace - NIC



Burt Rutan, aerospace engineer, discussing resin infusion with Murdo Cameron



27 minute mark

Both feed lines are now clamped off

Infusion is done

Vacuum will be kept on the part until the resin cures in 6-8 hours

Part can be removed from the mold in 36-48 hours


On April 7th the top deck was infused.  

Bob Bolam made a video of that process. (It may take a bit to start)

Here it is:



Resin Infusion Process Miss Spokane Photos

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